Make your words
work wonders

Looking for writing that transforms your digital products into user favourites, helps your brand grow and makes your ideas stick?

Let me help you with that.

What I write

Sexy copy

  • Attractive lingo ensures your brand stands out on every channel and platform.

  • That’s why you need a unique voice. It’s what makes you the girl in the red dress in a crowd.

  • Whether it’s your website, social media or ads – the words you speak make the audience love you.

Simple UX

  • Clear writing guides your audience through your product.

  • It’s the roadmap that leads them right where you want them. Like holding user’s hand in a maze.

  • From your site’s copy to microcopy in an app – every detail is a step towards connection.

Cool ideas

  • Your story deserves to be told, but sometimes it takes a hidden hand to bring it to life.

  • Whether it’s a speech, article or a post on socials, the right words will make your vision a captivating epic.

  • You will become the hero, while the actual penmanship remains our little secret.

Few kind shouts ♥

My services and standard rates



/ month

  • Brand voice development and messaging strategy
  • Writing for various communication channels



/ month

  • Your style and tone analysis
  • Confidential content production for individual

UX writing


/ month

  • User research, T&V and content strategy
  • UX writing for your digital product or service

Localization (SK)


/ month

  • Market research and T&V and content strategy
  • Slovak localization of written content

* final rates will be set after the project scope evaluation

Q and A's

UX Poetry is a one-man agency that offers linguistic services for companies and individuals.

First, we’ll have a free call where we’ll discuss your challenges and suggest the best service for your needs. Our collaboration can be as short as a month or extend over several years, adapting to your project’s timeline.

I’ll align with your culture and workflow, utilizing your preferred tools like Slack, Teams, Miro, Notion, etc., ensuring seamless integration into existing processes.

Hey, Lukas Lacko here, a bilingual UX copy designer. 

I’ve worked on the content of brands such as Apple, Google, Zalando, Pampers and Tesco to enhance their UX through language and localization.

My expertise extends to ghostwriting, where I’ve played a pivotal role in political election victories. I also ghostwrite for several CEOs of tech startups.

With a background in creating several brands across different industries, I have a comprehensive understanding of how businesses operate and the impact of effective communication.

The number of concurrent projects is limited to ensure that the workload remains manageable and deadlines are consistently met.

Should there be an urgent need, such as during intensive copywriting campaigns, I am supported by a team of linguistic experts ready to assist.

Not ready for a call yet?

Drop me a message.